Ecotech Battery Backup 專用後備電池

Ecotech Battery Backup 專用後備電池

品 牌 總 覽Ecotech Marine
型 號: Battery Backup 後備電池
  • HK$1,899

Ecotech Battery Backup 專用後備電池应对停电自动後備電能夠繼續提供造流水泵LED電力供應,防止水族箱內水過於靜止導致生物窒息!



Without flow, fish and corals begin to die within 4 to 10 hours.

Extreme weather can strike during any season, and we can’t always predict the outcome. In the event of a power outage, is your tank protected? By adding the an EcoTech Marine Battery Backup, your tank’s flow will continue unaltered for up to 60 hours after the power goes out (30 hours for two pumps). Add a second battery backup to double the run time.


Features & Specifications

  • Power two pumps for up to half the single-pump
    backup time
  • Connect two Battery Backups together and power one pump for up to twice the single-pump backup time
  • Built-in trickle charger ensures you’re always prepared
  • Includes two spare connection cables
  • 18 Amp-Hour 12-volt sealed battery
  • Powder-coated white aluminum housing
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9″ x 7″ x 3.25)
  • 註:此貨品適用於(輕量級送海鹽服務到家中)